OCNHS77 Global Family Foundation Project Update as of January 10, 2009

To OCNHS 77 Alumni,


It has been approved and we are ready to send the money requested by Jonathan Quimson next week to start the renovation of the restroom at our Alma Mater.  We will let everyone know of the development of the project.

Attached is the copy of the letter from the OCNHS PTA sent by Jonathan.

We have some money left over after this project plus the money coming in this year.  We can start thinking of pet project we may want to adopt for 2009.  Isn’t this exciting?  So those who missed to send donation last year, you have another chance this year.  If you have suggestion, anyone, please let us know what is the pressing need by the students of OCNHS in your opinion we may provide monetary assistance this year.  A good project is something that will benefit all of the students or what the students think they really need.

We will try to establish this year open communication with the OCNHS Student Body.  I’m sure those bright involved kids has something in their minds for us to do.

Please allow me to give praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for allowing us together to accomplished a thing such as this.

May we continue to do so.


Rodel Lipumano
President, OCNHS77 Global Family Foundation