OCNHS 77 Live Video/Broadcast Revived…Pinoy Songs and Pinoy Music

Hear the Pinoy songs, Pinoy music and the 70s!

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*NOTE: Click and the “Pause” Button and Click “Play” again inside the player if you can’t hear any music if it’s “On-Air”

Enjoy the music of the 70’s and the pinoy songs while surfing around the net. You would be surprised how these songs can take you back in time. These are the music of your life. Nobody plays them anymore, and we’re bringing these songs back for you….songs you can’t hear anywhere else!

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Pinoy Music and Podcast for March 13, 2008

Listen to the OCNHS77 Podcast by CyberDJRon featuring The Love Songs of the 70s.  Songs that will make you ponder even reminisce the past once again.

Remember the mood listening to the old radio (not the MP3!) back then? Taking you back in time batchmates…Thanks CyberDJRon!

1.  Run to Me – Bee Gees
2.  Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon and Garfunkel
3.  T.L. Ako Sa Yo – Cinderella ...and more